Welcome to “Sunday Morning Coffee with Jim,” where I tell you about my “No Secret,” life, even if it’s about my enemas?

A painting from a old high school friend Painter Charlie, her work is brilliant!

A painting from a  high school friend Painter Charlie, her work is brilliant!

Last week’s story about my seven enemas exploded (almost like my stomach) around the world, and I got emails from over 15 countries.

At least now I know it’s an international problem;
that they “won’t,” talk about on C.N.N.

I asked myself why this story got so much attention. Is it because I write about what people think and don’t talk about? Or is it the touch of humor that softens some of the gruesome details? …. Literally, enemas do that!  By the way, I’m clean, no enemas this week.

Last week, we got some fantastic comments, but this one nearly made me  get up and walk…. love it!

From Susan, “Ah, Jim…I’m so sorry, but I tried hard not to laugh, and I failed. I snorted mycof 94 Sunday morning coffee, through my nose!” 

Now that kind of statement made my day, CLICK HERE to check out other people’s thoughts in last week’s comment section.

I might write more un-comfortable stories like; when I expel gas (fart) all by myself, it doesn’t bother me but when other people do it? I think the world is going to come to an end, how can they be so rude?… Just thinking about it?

WHY DID YOU LIKE THIS STORY? I think people just like stories. For me, I reflect back; some of my greatest life lessons came from stories.  I remember in high school I had a math teacher, Mr. Peterson, even today I remember his narratives, and always respected his view on life that he told us through stories. How about the fairytale’s, we heard from mom or our kindergarten teacher, a story with a moral and a lesson that we can instantly use in our life. At five years old, in kindergarten, 1950, I saw “The Wizard of Oz,” I remember that day!

So, why did my enema story caused all the excitement? I think, first off; people want real-life stories. They also want to cof 98know that other people think like they do, but never talk about certain subjects. Is it proper to be speech-less  and not talk about what is really on our mind? I have found out this week, one way to open that door is humor.

I have discovered for the past five months to get over pain, physical and mental is to add a smile. Now for me this is a delicate matter, because it’s easy to hide out with humor and never deal with “What ails me?”

I think we all know people who always would kid around, and we have no idea what is really going on in their head.  Here is an example;  my life was filled with success and failures, with that I lost tangible and intangible things. The most pain I had, was when  the trust I had from others vanished and that included, the ones I loved  most. I would have a drink and make jokes about it; denying I even had an issue.

I remember one time I was having a car repossessed, saying, “Great, no more payments,” laughing on the outside, crying on the inside. I would drink and tell funny stories, not even knowing, internally, I was screaming for help. I was filled with fear because I did not have the courage to say, “I am sorry, I was wrong!”
I had to own up to all the incorrect things I did in my life, not easy; however, it was something I had to do!  I gave up drinking and cof 99drugs, and made amends to the best of my ability; even knowing some may never accept me back into their lives. Only then, I felt whole again and realized I am not in this alone! AND….I can breathe and have enemas, knowing you may like me the way I am?

I spent much of my life trying to become someone I was not. On my 500 mile walk, the Camino de Santiago, I discovered it’s OK to be me. I took myself  on a mental journey, back to birth (remember I am walking the 56 days, usually alone) I was the perfect child, flawless… I took all the good things I had learned and the lessons from all the bad stuff from my life and re-created Jim, who laughs, cries and enjoys every moment of life. My past ten years have been great but a year ago as I was walking the Camino; everything fit together perfectly, which was always my Higher Powers intention!

This is just one of the miracles that happened from my Camino Journey; I was reunited with my son after 30 years…. CLICK HERE.

A part of what I wrote above is
from my book, “STICKS AND STONES,”….
Coming, December 2014

This entire story blends into an exciting moment this week; two high school friends Charley and Paulette organized a party for me with some of my school friends. My friend came to the nursing home loaded  up me and my wheelchair, and off we went, to Jake’s Pour House in La Salle, we had a great time.

cof 92

Thanks Paulette for the photo! Why am I the only one with no gray hair…naturally? Of course, the first question they asked was, “How was your enema today?” Love these guys!

What a difference 50 years makes?

This gathering turned out to be what I wanted, about us, not me, which was a beautiful connection to all our lives.  We are all in our mid to late 60s, a time in our lives when the big things (material) in life are unimportant. I liked what my friend Charlene said, “We all look the same!” What that meant to me…. The gray hair, bigger bellies, bank accounts or even a wheel  chair did not make any difference!

Accepting people for whom they are, is what I felt, does turning 60- something, do that? Do you have to take a path in life filled with joy, pain and fear to get to this stage? Is our final lesson, to live in this moment and be in total peace? I did not get the feeling that, anyone was thinking, “IS THAT ALL THERE IS?” Thanks guys, a fantastic group of fun people, today we still do everything, it’s just a little slower.

We are making plans for our 100th class reunion, 2063, already have five signed up!   Love, Jim 

I have a friend that I recently told me he witnessed something as a child, in his mind it was so bad he couldn’t even tell the priest cof 96in confession. Today it really wouldn’t be a big deal, he is over it. But that is not the important part, when it happened it was terrifying. It affected his life for many years. He was filled with shame and guilt because of his “bad confession.” If you have a secret that affects you like that, tell  someone, do not take it to the grave! WHY…it messes up you trying to enjoy the moment. I know; I did that myself. and now, I can breathe! 

Paulo Coelho is one of my favorite author’s, not just because he walked the Camino, but his early life was so much like mine. The “Alchemist,” is the best book I have ever read or reading, I am taking my time with it, like I don’t want it to end. The story below is from one of his other books “A Manual of the Warrior of the light.” What I did when I read this was read each statement and answers it with my own thought. It walked me through my life and showed me all that I have to be grateful for!
I love this life….Jim …. Are you a Warrior?


cof 90

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  4. Bonjour Jim,

    I saw the photos of you and your gang earlier this week and I didn’t think you could smile bigger than you normally do however you did. What a blessing? It’s gonna be interesting the memories this get-together will unlock…events like those usually have lasting effects.

    What struck me this morning in your recital was the secrets we keep. We don’t know we can or how to tell. It is said the “secrets grow in the dark and die in the light of Love.” and it took close to 50 years for me to tell my secret. It took my daughter’s example to release in me this need to finally tell my mother my secret. I needed to know if she believe me just like I chose to believe my daughter…and bless my mom because she didn’t hesitate when she said she believed me.

    I knew in that moment that somehow my healing would begin, I didn’t know how or when but as I unburdened myself I felt freer. My new and improved life started at that moment. I got clean soon after I didn’t need to dull the emotional pain anymore…I learned to feel my feelings. I have a phrase I’ve share with the people in my circle…in order to recover I need to name them, claim them, feel them so I can heal them…my feelings that is. This is a feeling dis-ease after all.

    My bottom happened with the end of my marriage, the loss my home and my job all in the span of 3 days I had to lose all that in order to find ME. It’s been an incredible journey for me and mine these past 17 years. The guilt is gone. I know at a soul level that it needed to happen that way in order to stop a vicious familial cycle.
    Maya Angelou said it best “When we know better, we do better.” and I’ve been doing better and trying my best ever since.

    I love this opportunity to share with you my experience, strength and hope. I also know that feelings are the language of the soul and when someone’s pain touches my pain…there is healing that happens in that moment.

    Bless you for sharing your journey and letting share mine.

    • Lucille, your story really touched me. What you went through to get to ware you are is incredible. And…that’s the important part, where you are today; Not living in the past but never forgetting it. Now, you become the teacher, sharing what you did to get to where you are by talking about your experience strength and hope with another…as you did here. This recovery thing is great! Very well written story which will save one person (I know) this week. sleep well my dear….Love, Jim

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  6. Comment: Beautiful post. I truly believe that if everyone lived without secrets, we would not only realize that all those things we think are super embarrassing about us aren’t actually that unusual, but also we would be able to help and support each other when we face more personal challenges.

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